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  The company Farger & Joosten Maschinenbau GmbH with its domicile in Hohentengen, Germany, was founded in 1979.

The directors Dipl.-Ing. Kurt Farger and Hans-Georg Joosten founded, after they already were involved in the research and the development of pneumohydraulic cylinders and powerintensifiers in their function as directors of the company JBF Maschinen GmbH the brand

The modern powerintensifier with pneumatic travel stroke
and automaically activated pneumohydraulic power stroke

A continuous further development of the powerintensifier and its functionality as well as the adapting of the cylinder to different applications and special operational areas have been the main tasks in the starting period of the company. In the following the company started with a further development of the product range by offering different cylinder types and cylinder versions.
With the offer of complete presses and different equipments and attachments as well as a certified 2-hand-safety-control-system the company grows to a provider of complete systems.


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  By the cooperation with well known and specialized companies in the fields of sheet metal joining and punching nut systems application have been more optimized and synergy effects have been utilized with success.

The experience of the parent company JBF Maschinen GmbH as a company in the custom-made-machinery industry are used continuously for offering perfected and optimized units to our customers.
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